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: MicrosoftNotebook Wireless Optical Mouse 4000
: mobias September 07, 2009, 04:46:43 PM
Following Restart and at times during sessions on my computer (Dell8250 running XPSP3)my mouse cursor will be difficult to control and its clicks will no longer be recognized and/or acted  upon correctlyI'm thinking this is a driver isue for either the mouse or theUSBsystem.Control Panel/Mouse /Update Driver tells me that the mousedriver is current.Oddly enough, when I clicked on update driver for the USB system ( VIARev 5)a messageappeared indicating that new hardware had been found!The system proceeded to install a new driver for that USB.I have a 4 port hub attachedto  one of the USBcontrollers in my systembut am not certain that controller is the one that my hub uses.  Regardless,   all of the devices ( printer, thumb drives, mouse wireless receiver)attached to my hub have been attached for some time , remain active and are working  I doubt any of them would be considered new hardware by the system.Is something else going on?Right now I'm having difficulty using the mouse to edit this post( for example, placing the cursor in front of a word to edit or  add letters).

Any suggestions and/or insight will be greatly appreciated.
: MicrosoftNotebook Wireless Optical Mouse 4000
: mymnionig December 12, 2009, 04:14:19 PM
USB, wireless mouse.  With scroll wheel.  Batteries are NiMH rechargeable through a cable from the USB to the mouse not wireless at that point.

Been using my mouse of and on and it still works great.

I have 4 left in an almost new packaging and everything. 

Oh its made by Fellowes. 

Asking 15  s/h. each.
: MicrosoftNotebook Wireless Optical Mouse 4000
: mymnionig December 29, 2009, 04:04:46 PM
I once had a shitty wireless mouse and gaming with that abomination really put me off wireless stuff so I still "only" have a Logitech G5