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computer reformat and updating drivers....


i reformated my computer, a compaq version 2002, and whenever i try to update it to service pack 2 the moniter won't work. I can see the screen when it first boots up, but then it goes blank. i refromated it again, and now i can see the screen but its like surfing the internet in 1998. the resolutions all screwed up also. i tried updating my video driver but that didnt seem to do anything... any help is appreciated.

i think i need to update my motherboard-asus kelut 2.02 , but cant find a driver for it anywhere... help please!

Before I also experiencing that matter.
All I have to do is to find a another drivers and even OS.
Because it might be that the installer is being damage.

Once ur trying to format your laptops and pcs u should keep all the related CDs and softwares in your hand. If u dont have so. pls download from internet and then install all hte drivers


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