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Ok I am basically computer illiterate and am having trouble with my printer. All was working fine, got a new computer from a friend who basically custom built it for himself and then no longer needed it. Everything works great except I can not get my printer to work in this new computer. We unplugged it and it works fine in my son's lap top so i am assuming it is NOT the printer. I do not have the disk that came with it as it is about 5 years old. I went through troubleshooter and it had me uninstall ports and reinstall ports...still not working...anyone have any ideas?

You might try going to the printer manufacturer's website and trying to download the printer driver for your model. If the website no longer lists your printer, try googling "Epson X100 driver" (I used this just for an example) and see what comes up. Without a printer driver, your computer can't communicate with the printer (and vice versa). Good luck.

Maybe you just need a driver for it.

Nothing to worry. Fist remove all installed printers drivers form the registry. Then rooboot ur machine. After that reinsatlll the needed printer drivers. Sure ur problem will solve. Have a nice time

Hi buddy...
New driver is needed for your computer...


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