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I need help finding the right drivers for my webcam!

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I need serious help! I am trying to install my mom's webcam, but we don't have the disk. It is a Micro Innovations webcam. If someone could please help me with this, I will be forever grateful!

If you are using Windows XP, Vista or 7, I think it will automatically detect the webcam and install the drivers. But for some reason it would not install the driver, could you at least provide details about your webcam such as model number, etc.

Instead of posting a new thread I found this one so I'll add mine.  My sister got a Logitech 960-0010 webcam that used to work on XP, but she switched to a Vista (puke) laptop and now it just gives a black screen.  Have tried to find the correct driver but the only ones I've found I think are older and haven't worked.  I searched here but didn't find anything...

Guys, for every driver, simply write in google your model driver and 99% you will find in first link. Simply as having a drink. Google is your decision.

Allan waller:
see the IME no of your web cam from its packet & search its driver it net.You should easily find its driver in this way,


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